About Us

Stichting Wildermoed

Stichting Wildermoed was established in 2019 by its artistic director, Stefanie Janssen. Her foundation supports contemporary art and culture and is committed to realizing high-quality music theatre productions and other distinctive artistic projects. Undine is the first project supported by Stichting Wildermoed.

Wildermoed wants to gain a firm foothold as a platform where talented starting young artists and established art professionals can get help with their artistic work. Wildermoed stimulates them to make new connections with other art disciplines and look for inspiration outside their regular practice. In this regard, Wildermoed is already working with various cultural platforms.

Talent development, artistic productions, education and encounters
Besides talent development, the foundation wants to contribute to education by giving workshops and guest lectures and to gain national and international prestige by developing new productions. The foundation also aims to make a broad public more familiar with contemporary art and culture. It wants to bring Dutch and international audiences together for each project in order to exchange cultural information, with encounters also taking place between the artists and the public.

For more information (in Dutch), please see: www.stichtingwildermoed.nl

Studio Minailo

Studio Minailo is an Amsterdam based studio for the development of new works by director Sjaron Minailo. A laboratory for experimental music theatre, opera, performance and other music related visual work. The works of Sjaron Minailo are performed in different cities around the world and are also found on the Internet. 

Minailo’s work is often a reaction to or reflection on social and political developments and artistic transformation of cultures. His main language is that of aesthetics through which contemporary issues are addressed and commented on. Alongside classical and contemporary repertoire Minailo is known for new site-specific creations based on a huge variety of musical material from concert-music to pop music and EDM.

For more information please see: www.studiominailo.com

Animation Studio Paper Panther

Paper Panther​ was formed in 2014 by award-winning directors and animators Carol Freeman, Padraig Fagan and Eimhin McNamara.
Since its foundation, Paper Panther has produced advertisements, interstitials and short films for clients including BBC, Netflix and Dulux.

Paper Panther films have travelled extensively at festivals, picking up awards and commendations including a Jury Citation for Excellence in Artistic Expression at the Edmonton International Film Festival 2018, and an Annie nomination in 2014
The company specializes in hand-made, experimental methods, utilizing paint on glass, sand, stop-motion and paper cut-outs as well as digital techniques.
Paper Panther is passionate about animation education. The Paper Panther team has been running animation workshops around the country since 2010, working with people aged 1-60. Several of these workshop films have successfully screened at festivals around Europe, winning awards and acclaim.

For more information please see: www.paperpanther.ie